COMMENT: It takes a tech sector to raise a digital child

What will our life be like in the future? Short picture stories will illustrate current research topics. Representatives of the media are cordially invited to join the opening of the exhibition on June 19, 18 hrs. Seven pillars illustrate challenges faced by society, such as smart energy supply, self-determined life at old age, reduction of the consumption of resources, life in the city, health care, internet, and future industry. Visitors are requested to ask own questions and enter them at a central multi-media table. There, they can also read the replies of others. Picture stories focus on robots as helpers in everyday life, superconducting cables for future energy supply, and security technology for the future internet. The exhibition will be open daily from June 20 to July 10, , 8 to 18 hrs.

Tomorrow’s World returns to BBC with startling warning from Stephen Hawking – we must leave Earth

Account Options Sign in. Richard Wiseman Professor Richard Wiseman began his working life as a professional magician before obtaining a first class honours degree in Psychology from University College London and a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He now heads a research unit based within the Psychology Department at the University of Hertfordshire. See more. Richard Wiseman.

Many of you Tomorrow’s World readers are coming to understand truths you never heard before. As the close of the age draws near, as distractions multiply and the speed of life increases, Stay up to date with our Weekly Digest Email!

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TomorrowWorld 2014: Free Activities in Dreamville

Press release Nr. Scientists from various disciplines perform research on materials, additive manufacturing processes and innovative technologies, which build up components in a layer by layer process. This technology opens up new horizons for component design and combinations of functions. For example during fabrication, electrical conductors and sensors are already able to be additively manufactured into components.

They provide information about stress conditions of a product during operation. The 3D-printing technology, or additive manufacturing as it is often called, has long made the step out of scientific research laboratories into industrial applications.

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Are you ready to experience life to the fullest again? Hey you, you beautiful you. Welcome to the second chapter in the tale of TomorrowWorld. A tale of love, of friendship, of music and most importantly, of you! The adventure we started together last year continues. Leave the boring reality of everyday life behind as you step into this magical universe. The Arising of Life has landed on American soil, with its magnificent mainstage and a line-up the grandeur of which can hardly be described in words.

We are ready to embark on this journey with you, in search of the essence of life itself. If you see someone in trouble, stop for a second to help them out! And family takes care of each other, no matter what.

TomorrowWorld Partners with Cyc Fitness for Pop-up Spin Studio

Alom Shaha 14 January Under cover: Physicist Dr. Tara Shears suits up for Shaha’s lens find out more.

More than half of those diagnosed, 56 percent, were speed dating tomorrowworld suffering from more than one disorder. Having learned her lesson, Mitch.

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Around the World in 18 Festivals

It rained at TomorrowWorld this year. A lot. Whether it was the ankle-deep mud pits, non-functioning shuttles that left people…. TomorrowWorld is giving campers a reason to get to the festival a day before its official opening on September 25….

DreamVille campers will have no excuse to take a vacation from their workouts, as TomorrowWorld has announced a partnership with Cyc.

Huge whimsical stages, fireworks, tents, and music—lots of music—filled the grounds of a acre farm outside Atlanta for a five-day show that ended Sunday. This was the second edition of the TomorrowWorld electronic dance festival, which is a sister event to the Tomorrowland festival that has taken place in Belgium since The U. The live stream aired for six hours each day Friday to Sunday and also included taped interviews and coverage of backstage activities.

The production involved a crew of people, multiple trailers, and 15 cameras. The event sold out just hours after tickets became available in early September. Mitra Sorrells. Fireworks illuminated the sky above the festival’s Mythical Frames stage. Each of the huge, playful frames was filled with an LED screen that showed nonstop footage during each performance.

Many of the festival’s sets, decorations, and props, such as the main stage, were used at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium and then shipped across the Atlantic Ocean for TomorrowWorld. The main stage, measuring more than feet wide and feet tall, included a computer-controlled volcano and multiple waterfalls. The DreamVille camping area hosted about 40, overnight guests each of the four nights.

TomorrowWorld Introduces Games, Yoga And Speed-Dating Activities At Dreamville

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food vendors, and now a number of other activities. Campers will now also be able to participate in morning yoga classes, workout classes, and speed-dating.

The hills were painted far and wide with color, with seas of grinning faces popping out of the grass like so many daisies. Hundreds and thousands of people gathered were together in this new found paradise; were decorated like so many performers, pixies, and queens; waved their country flags proudly over their shoulders as fireworks catapulted themselves into the air over and over again.

A gaggle of nymphs and satyrs danced their way around the merry moonlight as the fireworks lit up the sky, beaming into the Face with its lips curled into the faintest of smiles. It was a beautiful sight, one my heart absolutely ached for—but it was impossible. The thing I had seen which had so entranced me heart and soul was a trailer for Tomorrowland, aka the most incredible festival I had ever seen. In terms of sheer attention to detail and artistic aesthetic alone it was stunning, but when you added on the fact that some , people attended Tomorrowland last year, it really put things into perspective for you.

Given that Tomorrowland was held annually in Belgium, I had pined away thinking I would never get the chance to attend it This day would happen to be the day that the first TomorrowWorld—set to be held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia—would be making its debut in the United States for the first time. First off was DreamVille, the nothing short of ethereal campgrounds that were set up across the ever-so expansive hills. Though TomorrowWorld offers a series of fantastic accommodation options for DreamVille campers ranging from DIY tents to more exotic cabana rentals and more, I opted for a hotel in downtown Atlanta instead, feeling hugely relieved at the knowledge that there were shuttles departing steadily between the hotel and the festival.

New Horizons

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In this series of blogposts, I am giving a view on the Gen Y consumer and societal evolutions for and beyond. As a reaction to our by algorithms predicted behavior, the over-personalization of products, services and ad messages, too many suggested links or purchases in our social media, on e-commerce sites or even in shops, we will fight a harder battle against boredom in Even speed dating no longer is speedy enough, unless it literally happens as in this Renault Clio RS commercial.

We increasingly feel a need for unexpected, coincidental, fun discoveries and surprises in a society in which everything is becoming too predictable. It has been scientifically proven that a sandwich is better when prepared by someone else , because otherwise we anticipate too much on the taste based on the fact that we know the ingredients , which kills the appetite. So the notion serendipity is also important in a way that it could be at the start of a new economy, The Serendipity Economy , where other less fixed methods of collaboration increase the chances of coincidental discoveries.

Collaborative social networks for companies such as Yammer and more open ended research methods such as Consumer Consulting Boards are supporting this new way of business thinking. This is possibly costing Google a yearly million dollars in missed income from advertising. Talking about playing with cards… board games, which traditionally have strict rules, now also give more room to coincidences.

Export Impact For Good

Since TomorrowWorld made its debut in Georgia in , the SFX-produced festival has grown to become one of the most buzzed about music festivals in the world. By combining an impressive lineup with stellar stage production, countless amenities, and a welcoming vibe that is unmatched by a typical festival, TomorrowWorld has quickly risen to the top, and for good reason. The third edition of TomorrowWorld, which is taking place September 25th — 27th this year, promises to be an impressive affair with its jaw-dropping lineup that features nearly everyone you can possibly imagine, including Shaq AKA DJ Diesel.

The stellar musical programming this year will be paired with brand new activities in DreamVille, including a partnership with Cyc Fitness that will bring the first-ever spin studio to a music festival. Other activities that will take place at TomorrowWorld this year include yoga, pilates, zumba, and meditation sessions.

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The current reality is that, like it or not, we live in a digital world. The global economy today is built on a digital infrastructure that underpins almost every business and organisation operating today. Now more than ever, to compete in such a world we need to be digitally fluent. Moreover, into the future, our children will need to be digitally fluent. So when and where do we learn digital fluency? It may start with familiarity with consumer technology and gadgets in the home from a young age, but at some point — to become the innovators and developers that will build the businesses of the future — our children will need to learn how to create and develop that technology, not just consume it.

This will increase exponentially in the decades to come as the world becomes increasingly data driven at every level of society. Many of the jobs that will be associated with running this digital world do not even exist yet, but what we do know is that many of jobs that exist today will be rendered obsolete in a world of automation, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout the world teachers and educationalists are grappling with 21st century teaching and how to use technology to enable better learning outcomes. While access to devices is important, research clearly shows that it is not just the technology that schools have but the way they use it to enhance learning that is most impactful. Certainly there is some amazing work being done by individual teachers and particular schools.

An overall change of focus for the education system is needed if we really are to inspire a nation of Curious Minds, as the government programme launched in envisions.

TomorrowWorld 2013 a walking perspective

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